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ready steady go!

hey everyone!

im new here.
HUGE t(i)nc fan.
i think i've seen them four or five times now.

anyway i just wanted to post about the two
los angeles shows.
they appear to be completely random.
considering that there's no u.s. tour around this,
just two other festival dates.

the shows are july 26th tuesday at the echo $5
july 27th wendseday at the poison apple $5

i nearly shit my pants when i
found out about this.
the echo is my favorite venue
and so teeny. i bought tickets
already on ticketweb, if you plan
on going i suggest doing the same.
i think tickets for the poison apple
are only sold at the door.

also, as im sure most of you already know,
armed love is finally being relased here
on october 4th and they're starting
to plan a u.s. tour around this date.

im so excited for all of this,
i hardly know what to do with myself.
but yeah, anyone in l.a. now should definitly
come to those shows. i have a feeling they're
going to be the best yet.
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